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Magnesium: How A lot We Want & How you can Get It

By Malisa M. Carullo, BSc, MSc, ND

Magnesium is likely one of the prime 5 most ample minerals within the human physique.1-3 There are lots of of biochemical reactions that require this mighty mineral.1-3 With out magnesium current, organs akin to the center and muscle groups merely shut down.1-3

How a lot magnesium do we want?

In keeping with the Nationwide Institute of Well being (NIH), males between 31 and 50 years of age ought to have 420 mg per day of magnesium.1-3 Ladies in the identical age group ought to obtain 360 mg each day.1-3

Round 48% of the US inhabitants doesn’t meet the advisable consumption ranges of this necessary mineral, and that share is even increased for males over the age of 71 and adolescent girls.2,4

How can we get magnesium?

Meals wealthy in magnesium embrace darkish inexperienced leafy greens, entire grains, and legumes, however the physique solely absorbs round 30% to 40% of magnesium from meals.2

When you think about that way of life components can even negatively affect absorption, it isn’t a shock that many favor to complement the mineral. Magnesium absorption appears to lower with age, varies with dietary protein consumption, and might even be affected in these with gastrointestinal problems.1-3

Together with a magnesium complement in your food regimen could also be one method to be sure to are getting sufficient of this important mineral; nevertheless, selecting the very best type for you might be a problem. Here’s a transient overview of the commonest types of magnesium obtainable for supplementation.

Magnesium bis-glycinate is likely one of the most extremely bioavailable types, that means it’s properly absorbed into the bloodstream.5 This type of magnesium is particular in that it’s connected to an amino acid, glycine. Glycine is understood to exert a relaxing impact on the nervous system which makes this type of magnesium advisable in cases the place sleep disturbances, muscle spasms, or excessive stress are current.1,3,5-7

Magnesium citrate has been the type of alternative for a lot of people for fairly a while, most certainly as a result of it has been proven to enhance medical outcomes for a lot of well being situations. This type of magnesium is connected to citric acid, which is usually properly absorbed into the bloodstream and has the power to chill out musculature and enhance one’s stress response.1,3,7,8

Since magnesium citrate is efficient at delivering excessive quantities of magnesium inside a brief time period, it is suggested for many who expertise occasional constipation. It will also be useful if dosed earlier than mattress for a similar purpose to help people who could have issue sleeping.1,3,7,8

Magnesium L-threonate is the latest type obtainable and is the one type that has the power to succeed in the mind.9 With that being stated, this way is finest utilized when cognitive help is required, psychological rest, or to enhance focus.1,3,9,10

Magnesium oxide is a type that’s generally utilized in dietary supplements as a result of the dimensions of this compound could be very small. When compounds are smaller in dimension, giant quantities will be packaged in capsules or tablets with out occupying a lot house. Though the dimensions could also be fascinating to be used in complement formulation, this way is a poor supply of magnesium and has been identified to trigger undesirable digestive signs akin to unfastened stools and intestinal cramping when taken at excessive doses.1,3,5,7

Magnesium malate is a type that’s chosen to be used in any well being situations the place mobile power must be supported. Malic acid (from malate) helps power manufacturing inside cells so people who are suffering from sore muscle groups, muscle ache, or physique discomfort could expertise reduction from using this way.1,3,7

There are magnesium complement choices that may match any way of life. Communicate to your healthcare practitioner in the present day to find which magnesium possibility is best for you.


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Malisa M. Carullo, BSc, MSc, ND
Malisa M. Carullo, BSc, MSc, ND accomplished her Doctorate in Naturopathic Drugs at Nationwide College of Well being Sciences in Chicago, Illinois. She accomplished her MSc. in biology on the College of Ottawa with an emphasis on genetics and molecular evolution. Malisa places a lot deal with organic medication and its therapy of power situations, in addition to wholesome age administration. She blends naturopathic medication with sports activities medication. She is at the moment working as a Scientific Affairs Liaison at Metagenics.


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